Friday, December 14, 2012

Feynman and Art

This was a video I had seen quite a while ago. It features renowned physicist Richard Feynman. It might be somewhat unusual for an art ed student to be pointing to a scientist for inspiration, but Feynman was an enigmatic character all around. He actually published a book of his sketches. They might not have been the greatest, but it shows he was interested and willing to try (they're actually pretty good too).

In the clip he mentions art in retelling an anecdote about an artist friend who (he claims) said that scientists couldn't see beauty in the same way an artist does. Now, this is coming from what might be called a 'different time', and I suspect Feynman might be caricaturizing the artist for the sake of the anecdote. Either way it's always interesting to hear him discuss his ideas.

Aside from his many scientific advances, Feynman was also known as a great teacher. Primarily because he could take the dauntingly complex subject of Quantum Electrodynamics and simplify it enough to clearly explain it to students. It's this, his open-mindedness, and his affable character I find so inspiring and hope to bring to teaching.

At another junction of art and science, we have the Two Fisted Science comic books. They may not be the most profound works per se, but they're interesting and an example of how comic books can be about more than just super heros (or perhaps real life super heros). They feature many famous scientists, but there's a sample here that features a cute little story about Feynman specifically.


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