Friday, December 14, 2012

Cross contour

Cross contour line drawings are a mainstay in grade school art classes. They're a pretty straight forward way to teach form and the results can be quite nice if somewhat academic. I don't really plan to create any lessons around them, but I recently found an artist that has done some interesting works that help to revive the idea a bit.

Sasha Braunig is an interesting painter that has reinvigorated this normally tired type of lesson. By combing it with regular modeling,  op art styles, and peculiar forms, she's made some eye popping works. It's a real mash-up. I mention her work for the fact that it isn't easy to come up with something different from something so apparently exhausted. If I were tasked with making something interesting from a cross contour drawing I have to admit I'd probably give up rather quickly. While I'm still not sure I'd want to teach a lesson on cross contours, her work at least gives me some hope if I've found myself in the situation where I have no other choice.

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