Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweeny's Big Idea

Robert W. Sweeny had a big idea. (in the sense of Sydney R. Walker's big ideas). Part of that big idea was metaphorical. In this case, he borrowed some characterizations from William Gibson's novel, "Neuromancer": the cyborg, the clone, and the parasite. Not too long ago these fictional characters seemed rather far off, but we're seeing them closer and closer to reality. Sweeny viewed them as a critique on the, "connections between individuals, objects and institutions". Used in an artistic sense that very well may be the case. People however appear to have a much greater tolerance for adaptation to change. Transhumanism in particular has been gaining notoriety of late.

Some have even taken it to a most literal realization. In this case, filmmaker Rob Spence aka Eyeborg (a self proclaimed cyborg who lost an eye replaced it with a wireless video camera) directed this movie:
(warning: there's some gross parts at the beginning, but they're brief)

The video is actually part documentary and part advertising for a video game with a cyborg theme. Here we're seeing a true example of the cyborg characterization. Not only literally through the documentary, but also as a playable character in fictional content. Also, the movie itself is a hybrid of information and advertising. On top of all this, the director himself is an example of topic in the movie.


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