Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reflections on ARE 190 classwork


In class we worked on making a 'topic web' from the readings we each had the previous week. (I'm not sure of the actual term for it, but there were topics written on a large sheet of paper and we connected observations from the readings to those tops visually). Something like this with different topics of course...

Anyway, mine and another person's papers focused on globalization and the necessity of making students aware of it. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to really talk in any depth about the other readings my group had. They largely focused on interdisciplinary approaches to art teaching, and further integration of art into teaching programs.

I may have given somewhat short shrift to teaching globalization in the art classroom. Clearly there's no problem with an artist, student or art teacher making a point of globalization and what it entails. We may only aspire to be high school art teachers (a challenging task in itself) but I'd like to think we're open to activism in art as well the more relaxed subjects and styles.

So, to bring the idea of globalization up to speed with the ever-changing currents in our culture I thought I'd post this video of Eric Shmidt (former chairman and ceo of Google) discussing some of the effects of globalization. It's not specifically about art teaching, but there are still some important points for art teachers with an eye on globalization to consider.

(It's a really long interview, but I fast forwarded it to the relevant part which ends around 51:00)


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