Sunday, October 30, 2011


Whenever I hear "popplet", or a similarly catchy internet term, I can't help but think of tribbles. (Oddly, I also just noticed the their resemblance to hedgehogs). Hrrm... Anyway, is a website where you can make your own, personal mind-maps and share them with people on the web. It's got a nice interface and it's real easy use.

Here's one I put together for an interview sound project in the style of the NPR show, "This American Life". In this case I just used to lay out a 'script' due to the fact I didn't actually interview anyone. I, rather, used sound clips of a mock artificial intelligence from a video game and then constructed an interview out of it. I ended up changing it as I went along, so the popplet is somewhat incomplete. The basic idea is there though.

I'm actually torn about the idea of mind-mapping. There's various websites and programs designed to facilitate the process, but I've never found it to be particularly intuitive. The popplets website was probably one of my more favorable experiences doing so. The ability to embed an interactive version is also nice.


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