Sunday, October 23, 2011

Info and graphics

Making generational distinctions is always difficult and usually left as merely a vague separation of time periods. With computers and the internet, however, those 'time periods' appear more condensed than they have throughout much of recent history. There's a sense that culture is changing more rapidly than ever and that it's harder to get an accurate perception of those changes.

The Pew/Internet research group has gone to some length to statistically get a grip on these changes and give a 'snapshot' measurement. I think the graphic is illustrative of the general picture here. There's quite a bit more detail, but overall there's a trend towards more internet use among more people of every age which declines as age increases.

Another internet trend I think incorporates the conclusion here is that of "infographics". They've been around for a while, but the dynamic and interactive possibilities of the internet and computer technology shows shows them in a new light.

That video is more of an advertisement than information itself. It gets the idea across attractively though. There's quite of variety of infographics and I expect there to be more of it in the future. Whenever I see infographics I can't help thinking it is the legacy of color field painting on the internet. Even a quick screen capture of a google image search for it at first looks like an infographic of some sort and in a sense actually is.


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